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Sports Displays

The popularity to play sports in India is increasing due to domestic and international leagues for all kinds of sports that are arranged and promoted worldwide. This, in turn, is encouraging people to arrange their own tournaments and matches starting from school level to professional club matches. Keeping the pace with international platform school grounds, local stadiums, sports complexes, and clubs are moving towards digital displays which can show scores at real-time and require much less manpower to operate.

Micromax Instruments Sports LED scoreboards are versatile and full of exciting features. These LED scoreboards are useful in all kinds of sports for ease of informing the players and spectators with an accurate and timely update. The Scoreboards are available for use in multi-sports or dedicated sports locations. Controlled with computer software and Mobile Apps together, the referee can update the scores while the rest of the exciting parts of the display can be managed by hosts.

Multisports Scorebord

Most basics of the scoreboard for simple use for a variety of sports. Just connect it with a laptop and start the match. PC Based software for updating scores and all the details easily. Supports kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, etc.

WiFi Scorebord

Wireless connection for use in large fields and complexes. Controlled through WiFi gives it the flexibility to place it anywhere in the field. Moreover, this display can be configured for many different Sports in one display only with the help of software.

network multisports scoreboard

Video Scoreboard

Video Scoreboard is capable of showing scores for all kind of sports ranging from Cricket, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi and all sorts of games one can imagine. Full Multimedia capabilities operated with advanced software the Video scoreboard brings huge excitement in the audiences and players alike. 

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