Industrial Display

Industrial LED Display

The main objective of Micromax Instruments Industrial Displays is to provide online production information to the concerned people on the shop floor and in the control room. This online information facilitates appropriate action by the managers, supervisors to achieve the company’s critical targets. The system can also communicate important messages when required. Reducing the chances of mishaps which greatly improves Productivity. Our┬áDisplays are designed to withstand the industrial conditions with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Micromax Display System

Advanced Display software and hardware designed in accordance with the latest and future Industry requirements into consideration. With the capability of communicating with a wide variety of interfaces in real-time to produce data on to the Display.

Basic Production Display

Most of the vital information about the production is displayed here. Making the best solution for assembly lines.

production scoreboard

Matrix Production Display

Full Matrix production display gives full flexibility to display all kinds of data from text to images. Single as well as Full-color options available.

matrix scoreboard

HDTV Scoreboard

Based on the latest smart televisions these displays are capable to show a lot more data in realtime, along with text and graphical information.

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