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Organizations that rely on synchronized and accurate time benefit a great deal by our GPS Clocks and Synchronized Clock systems. These clocks are not solely dependent on internal RTCs and are constantly updated with external clock sources frequently. Eliminating the need of setting or correcting the time in the clock ever. Colleges and Universities with huge campus or Banking institutions that rely on accurate time logs are at a distinct advantage with our clock systems. Hospitals that need precise, accurate timing for procedures and testing benefit from them. Companies that use our clock systems can monitor employees shift changes and breaks, eliminating those extraneous time losses, which helps them in keeping their best interests in check. Our Clock Systems do not involve the use of complicated equipment in order to work, as they are easy to install and are quite handy.

Small Clock

Best suited for in-vehicle applications this clock can also be doubled as speed display. Equipped with the latest GPS technology, it has internal GPS receiver these clocks have time zone settings, intensity control, and speed/time toggle button. Available in 1″ and 2″ digit height. These clocks are used in various applications.

clock seven segment

Standard Clock

This clock is our standard offering GPS Clock available in different sizes from 4″ to 2 feet and more on request. It is packed with various features and can be used at a time as Clock, Calander, Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Temperature, Humidity and Message Display. Controlled through Mobile App.

clock standard

Network Clock

Connected in the Network these clocks are based on NTP time servers as their time base. Several of these clocks can be setup in a facility in a wired or wireless network. The configuration is done with the help of a software.

clock network

World Clock

world clock

Most suitable for Offices and banks to show time in various cities worldwide. Configured with the help of software to set cities, their timezones and other required settings. It can even adjust with Daylight Saving Time(DST) for different timezones.

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