Our range of LED Displays for all sectors

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Live display of online production data parameters and important information.

Industrial Display


Let your stakeholders know the performance and latest advancements of your company.

Corporate Display

Public Sector

Involves Public transit information systems and weather and pollution parameters.

Transit Display


Covers all sorts of devices from graphic display to token indicators.

Consumer Display


Display systems as per your specification

Micromax Instruments Private Limited (MIPL) has been engaged in the manufacture of Electronic Display Systems for more than two decades. We manufacture various types of display systems as per customer’s specifications, for commercial as well as for industrial usages. Like us on facebook for updates and new releases! Enjoy!

Micromax Methodology

  • Understanding Customer Needs

    Our Marketing & Sales through their customer centric approach constantly work towards understanding customer requirements & market innovations. Understanding customer requirements MIPL customizes its products to meet customer expectations.

  • Project Management

    Each custom order, once received, is assigned a project manager who is responsible to guide it through design, manufacturing, and installation. The project manager provides an important link between the customer and MIPL.

  • Product Development

    MIPL maintains its leadership position in the electronic display industry by refining and developing products which meet and exceed customer demands. Product managers work closely with MIPL sales group and end users to find out how new products might be developed or existing products be improved to better serve customers.

  • Software Design

    MIPL full-time staff of software engineers pays close attention to users' needs to make sure the programs fulfill those needs over the life of the product by design user friendly software.

  • Quality Control

    Through the years and till today MIPL maintains focus on quality and customer satisfaction. From the beginning of a new project, the design through the life of the project MIPL undertakes various measures to ensure high quality products & services which meet or exceed our customer needs & ensure on time deliveries. MIPL conducts inspection at various stages of production to manufacture a quality product.

  • After Sales Service

    MIPL Servicing & Support team is forever ready to serve our customers all over India. To promote the spirit of customer service within our service engineers, MIPL undertakes various technical training programs, comprehensive training programs to serve our consumers better. MIPL being the OEM for LED displays, we are surely reliable, committed & motivated to serve our customers with complete equipment support. For out of the warranty period MIPL undertakes AMC services to benefit our existing customers.

  • Computer-Aided Design And Drafting (CADD)

    MIPL utilizes CADD systems in the engineering areas. CADD enables design of products which are highly robust, compact & error free. CADD workstations are networked, allowing designers to achieve a high degree of design and drafting productivity to better serve our customers.

About Us

The Display People

Understanding the fact, that standard products are unable to address all the requirements of our clients, we efficiently tailor-made our range as per client’s technical specifications. Further our in-house manufacturing unit enables us to provide our clients with quality, range & bulk deliveries, which have made us, stand in the domestic as well as international markets.

These Electronic Display Systems are a unique opportunity to enhance the power of your communication manifold. With unmatched features, variety of sizes, unbelievable flexibility and highly competitive prices, these display systems stands way apart from the conventional displays. Whether it is just numbers, single line or multi-line text, graphs, logos or graphic characters, MIPL can present it all, with numerous presentation styles with the aid of huge memory size. With enormous flexibility & unmatched technology, MIPL uses various types of communication technologies such as Serial, Ethernet, RF, GSM, GPRS, Wi Fi to communicate to the displays. MIPL manufactures display systems using latest technology at an attractive price. We design, manufacture custom built LED based Electronic Displays for Indoor as well as Outdoor applications. Our product list includes Rolling / Moving Message Displays, Dot Matrix Displays, Shop Floor Displays, Parameter Displays, ANDONs, Score Boards, Application Displays, Universal Timers & Digital Clocks, Token Indicators, Weather & Air Quality Indicators, Wireless Display Systems, Bus Destination Displays


  • ‘Micromax’ established in 1985. (Design and manufacture of Microprocessor based training kits for Educational Institutes)

  • Developed the patented Microprocessor based Training Kit in 1987.

  • Around 50,000 training kits supplied to engineering colleges and individual entrepreneurs all over India along with microprocessor based custom-built equipments and related software as a different business activity.

  • “MICROMAX INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD” (MIPL) established in 1995.

  • Development of ‘Scrolling displays for various applications.

  • First ‘ANDON’ display manufactured for Tata Motors, Pune in 1996.

MIPL later started manufacturing ANDON displays for many conveyor manufacturers such PARI, WEBB INDIA, BASE Automation, TAL Manufacturing Solutions, Tata Technologies, Praja Mechanicals and many more. Some of our valued customers include: Reliance, Tata Motors, Bajaj, IFFCO, NRL, IOCL, Mercedes Benz, Hindalco, Kirloskar, Nestle, Hero Honda, Honeywell, L&T, HVTL, Crompton Greaves and many more

The company branched out into the design and manufacture of LED based Moving Message Signs for Indoor and Outdoor applications. MIPL has gained its place in a highly technical industry as an engineering-driven company that is ready, willing, and able to provide solutions to its customer’s visual communication needs. MIPL can now offer the following products:

Rolling / Moving Message Displays

Numeric and alphanumeric Displays

Dot Matrix Displays

Shop Floor Displays

Parameter Displays ANDONs

Score Boards

Application Displays

Universal Timers & Digital Clocks

Token Indicators

Weather & Air Quality Indicators

Wireless Display Systems

Bus Destination Displays

Flight Schedules (Airport)

Arrival/ Departure /Platform Displays

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

We, at MIPL are a strong team of self motivated engineers & enthusiasts. We bring ideas to reality & delight our customer by providing solutions to meet their expectations. MIPL is committed to design & manufacture quality products. We are also equipped with a highly qualified Servicing team for the after sales service support all over India.

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